Are you looking for a trekking around Chiang Mai?

Let us explain how to get the best trekking experience in Chiang Mai.

First of all we recommend at least a 2 days trekking with a night in a hut or bamboo house. This night will be in dormitory style for most of the trek in this region, but doing a private trekking can bring you to sleep to the guide family house that will give your more authenticity.

If you do a one day trekking we will recommend to go to Doi Inthanon and do the trail Kew Mae Pan.

Secondly you must choose the difficulty of the trekking, (please note that you will need closed shoes with a non slippery sole).

Young people or people who are doing sport can go for the group trekking and must follow the group regardless of the difficulty. Also the sun, the heat or rain if there is (most often mid july to mid October) is quite strong and can ad more challenge to this.

If you are in family with children or people who can not walk hard, choose a private trekking, the guide will choose the most adapted way to you.

Can I do a trekking with very young children ie: 2 years old or a bit more?

YES ! of course again choose the private trekking, here is a good one and many people bring children over there, click here to know more

There is trek with just a kilometer to walk. It can be also the same A point to B point and the way will be changed to much much longer and it will become a trekking for experienced trekker..

You don’t need to bring your big back pack with you, some companies can keep it with them and you will take just a small bag pack.

Watch the eco trek:

Trek 1 day at Kew Mae Pan


Chiang Mai Trekking Tour

A must to do in the Rose of the North: Chiang Mai trekking tour

Chiang Mai trekking tour is one among the best chosen travel packages by tourists all over the world. What makes Chiang Mai trekking different? Let’s see answer for this question in detail here. At present, Chiang Mai is a perfect spot chosen by all people who wish to have an unforgettable journey. Today, there are many services available online to provide you the best journey experience to Chiang Mai. What are the specialties of trekking in Chiang Mai? This is a common question asked by many new comers to this place. If you are interested to be a part of the wonderful experience in forest, natural waterfall and tribe village, never waste time to get a ticket to this destination.

Beautiful landscape is a common natural source that creates happiness in mind. If you wish to see a fabulous array of orchids and eye captivating butterfly farm, this destination can really help you. At present, many services are providing SUV ride through the beautiful farms of Chiang Mai. Local market in Chiang Mai is another favorite destination of tourists across the globe. Local markets in Chiang Mai are famous for delicious cuisines which are only found in Asian countries. Waterfalls that can be seen after a fantastic hiking through woods is the next popular destination of tourists.

chiang mai Trekking tour

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Today, places near Chiang Mai waterfalls are famous for the rare kind of animals that can be only found in specific regions. Like adults, young ones will also have a fantastic experience while doing traveling through Chiang Mai waterfall areas. When you come here, you can see small children enjoying their leisure time on slippery rocks. Many of us will be in search of the best tourist destination to relieve stress. Chiang Mai with a fantastic natural landscape serves as an ideal destination to refresh your mind and body.

Have you heard about Lahu Village? Lahu village with its own natural beauty is another favorite destination of tourists. You can see here hand made wood shelter which serves as the shelter for trekkers. Apart from staying facility, trekkers are also given traditional dinner here. If you wish to enjoy viewing the dance and music of tribal people, never forget to watch it out during the night time. Do you wish to have a take a ride on the top of elephants? If yes, Chiang Mai tour package can fulfill your dream. No matter the age of person, ride on the top of elephant assures a fantastic travel experience for all people.

Watch the video of a trekking in Chiang Mai, CLICK HERE

Similar to the ride on the top of the elephant, white water rafting and bamboo raft ride are other important adventurous events that you can enjoy in a tour trip to Chiang Mai. In all ways, you can define this tourist destination as a wonderful piece of land with amazing flora and fauna. All tourists interested to enjoy the heart grabbing view of natural waterfalls, tropical jungles and sky kissing mountains can definitely choose this place as their picnic spot. At present, you can also find here lots of travel guides to help the needy trekkers in their journey.