Chiang Mai Best City

But why The Rose of the North have been again voted: Chiang Mai Best City

Chiang Mai a city situated in northern Thailand has been nominated by Travel And Leisure magazine as one of the world’s best cities to visit for 2013. Chiang Mai has been awarded and is among the top 10 best travel cities in the world as revealed by the Travel And Leisure magazine.

Bangkok retained the top spot in Travel and Leisure’s 2013 World’s Best Travel Awards readers’ survey. Other cities making the list include Istanbul, Florence, Cape Town, Kyoto (Japan), Rome, Barcelona, Paris and Chiang Mai at the 10th position. There are also a few surprise inclusions in this list including Charleston in South Carolina, which depicts that a list of the world’s great destinations will always be subjective.

The Leisure and travel magazine listed numerous reasons why Chiang Mai made it to the top 10 position, and also produced some eye-catching images of the city. The magazine praised Chiang Mai for being suitably modern but at the same

Chiang mai best city

Chiang mai best city, Old City Chiang Mai—mith17 (

time laid back or traditional. They claimed it is the only place in the world where you can go to a coffee shop but still find Thai traditional food or spend the night clubbing and still hang out with monks. Another reason this city scooped this position is due to its unique culture, and unique customs. The magazine also expressed that the city is currently undergoing giant developments. Other reasons expressed by the Leisure magazine include.

• There is a unique art and live music scene you will not find in any other a provincial city.
• The city has numerous magnificent gold trimmed temples which are all still active within the old city walls.
• The city is relatively affordable with the rent for a three-bedroom house with a garden being less than 400 Euros a month.
• Their delicacies are amazing – you will hardly have a bad meal in Chiang Mai.
• The friendly locals who have not tired of tourists and are very welcoming.

True to the above Leisure and Travel magazine assessment, Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to visit for a host of reasons: The old city is a magnificent area to wander around and explore the ancient temples and hidden sois. You can enjoy some of Thai’s delicacies from a roadside restaurant. As you further explore the city, you will soon find out that Chiang Mai is a modern city, which has not abandoned its traditional culture and customs. From the trendy shopping centers and cafe culture of Nimmanhaemin to ancient temples of the old town district, Chiang Mai is a city where modern and ancient seamlessly co-exist.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai: The Travel and Leisure Capital

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand well-known for its relaxed ambiance. It is also famous for its old quarter that has retained most of its customary wooden houses and calm leafy gardens.

Chiang Mai Condo

The Chiang Mai condo depicts exemplary life in the condo with its comprehensive amenities,
beautiful attractions, and comfortable accommodation facilities. Some of the facilities include The Scene Condos, Touch Hill Place Condominiums, and The New Concept

Housing in Chiang Mai

Apart from being one of the biggest cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai is a famous destination for many foreign visitors. The city has some of the most comfortable, yet inexpensive and accessible facilities. It is truly a city of various accommodation choices for visitors to decide on which pleases them most. Among the outstanding housing facilities for travelers include Nice Mum Lodge, Cool guest house and Boonthavon Apartment Hotel. What makes these facilities reliable is the fact that the rooms are spacious with fridges, step in showers, AC, and TV. Some rooms have verandas which allow visitors to enjoy the open air any time they like. Besides, the staff is welcoming and obliging.

Luxury Hotel Facilities

For any tour to be considered successful, good accommodation facilities are a must. Hotels play a major role in this regard. There is a wide range of luxury hotels in Chiang Mai that ensure visitors stay in a comfortable environment throughout their vacation. Some of the best hotels include Chedi Hotel, Shangri La Hotel, and Le Meridien Hotel. These hotels have spacious bedrooms and living rooms that can accommodate many people. In addition, they are equipped with modern facilities such as air conditioners, free internet services, laundry services, airport transport services, outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, LAN services, mini bar, and television services.

Walking Tour

Most travelers from all over the world prefer trekking tours as their best package. Chiang Mai is a wonderful spot for anyone who desires to have a memorable tour and walking journey. If you wish to explore natural waterfalls and have an amazing experience in the dense forest and tribe village, there is a reason for purchasing a ticket to this place. When trekking, you will enjoy the nature of beautiful landscapes. You will also view a fascinating butterfly farm and a remarkable array of orchids. Other attractive destinations include the local market and Lahu village. Riding on the back of elephants guarantees an extraordinary travel experience for most people.

Golf Courses and Clubs

Golf is one of the main games preferred by many tourists. If you are either a beginner or wish to improve your skills of playing golf, there are numerous courses deliberated to meet the needs of all
players. There are also a lot of golf clubs to choose from depending on your preference. Examples of golf clubs and courses include The Green Valley Country Club, Royal Golf classes and Alpine Golf Resort. The
cost of courses is affordable, and spending time in these is an ideal way of whiling time away.

Excellent Bars

Besides the great history and culture, Chiang Mai city is a wonderful option for those who wish to relax and enjoy evening drinks. The presence of numerous bars and clubs situated in different parts of the
city enables visitors to enjoy what they like. A part from taking drinks there are also plenty of entertainment activities that will keep you in high spirits. Some of the best bars include Writers’ Club and Wine Bar, Red Lion, Olde Bell (closed from end of June 2013), Number 1 Bar, and Silapa Thai Lounge and Bar. All these bars are strategically located, quiet, and offer great services.

Transport Means to Chiang Mai

Traveling to Chiang Mai is basically made possible by use of airplanes, buses and trains. Travelers from far off places are advised to use airplanes. Among the carriers include Air Asia, Thai Airways, Bangkok airways, and China Airlines. Similarly, traveling by bus is also another good option for tourists. Finally, for tourists who love travelling by trains, Chiang Mai offers you the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime. These trains follow fixed schedules where you can either travel at night or during the day.

Planning for your trip to Chiang Mai will guarantee you that memorable experience and relaxation you so much deserve.

How To Travel To Chiang Mai

How To reach and travel To Chiang Mai

When it comes to traveling to Chiang Mai, there are basically three options: by plane, by bus and by train. The CNX (Chiang Mai International Airport) deals with both international and domestic flights. Here you will find more information on how to travel to Chiang Mai

Traveling By Plane

People from the largest cities of Asia come to Chiang Mai on a regular basis, and flying seems to be the most convenient choice. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai people travel by plane – as a matter of fact, this route is one of the busiest ones for the Thai Airways. Air Asia is another Asian airline that transports passengers from Bangkok to Chiang Mai at highly affordable prices (little over 1,500 baht, adding the fees for seat reservation and luggage). However, if you book your flight several weeks in advance, it can be even cheaper.

Speaking of domestic flights, the Bangkok Airways are also a popular choice in terms of air travel, and this is a great choice for those who want to travel on a budget. Other options that link Chiang Mai to the city of Bangkok include Nok Air or the Thai Airways mentioned above, the latter being one of the most expensive options. However, the Thai Airways also link Phuket to Chiang Mai.

On the other hand, there are international flights that link major cities from Asia to Chiang Mai. For instance, the Air Asia links Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai, while the Cathay Pacific is a great choice for those who live in Hong Kong and want to get to Chiang Mai. China Airlines connect Taipei to Chiang Mai while the Korean Airlines have weekly flights from Seoul to this Thai city.

The Chiang Mai airport is conveniently located close to the city center (a couple of kilometers away) and foreigners can choose cost-effective airport transfers – they can either choose buses that take them from the airport to the city center for a very low sum, or they can opt for an airport taxi that cost a bit more but they are faster and can bring you from the airport to Chiang Mai in 10 minutes.


Traveling By Bus

If you want to know how to travel to Chiang Mai without spending 1,500-2,000 baht on flights, then you should know that traveling by bus is another possibility. Basically, there are two major bus stations in Chiang Mai, and people come here mainly from Bangkok (from the Northern Bus Terminal). The journey is more cost-effective compared to traveling by plane, as it can cost 10 times less but it lasts around 12 hours. There are 1st class buses or VIP buses that take people from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. After reaching the bus station, tourists usually share a ride to town to save more money.

Traveling By Train

When it comes to reaching Chiang Mai by train, it must be mentioned that there are two types of services that connect Bangkok to Chiang Mai: there is the daytime train that leaves early in the morning and reaches the destination in more than 12 hours time, and there is the overnight train where travelers can opt for first-class compartments or second-class beds. There are around three or four trains that leave Bangkok daily to go to the city of Chiang Mai. Booking can be hazardous as it’s often full. For the French here is a web site offering previous train reservation.

How to Travel To Chiang Mai

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TransAsia to launch scheduled flights to Chiang Mai. Focus Taiwan News Channel. TransAsia Airways a mid-sized international carrier in Taiwan said Tuesday that it will launch regular flights to Chiang Mai Thailand in early July to take advantage of strong demand as the summer vacation approaches. Starting.… TransAsia to launch scheduled flights to Chiang Mai Focus Taiwan News Channel